Transforming LIS education for professionals in a global information world: digital inclusion, social inclusion and lifelong learning

IFLA Satellite Conference

The IFLA Section Library Theory and Research together with the Education and Training Section and Information Technology Section and collaborating with Vatican School of Library science, ALISE and ASIS&T SIG Education will be holding its Satellite meeting in Rome, on 30 and 31 August 2019 and soon after the Athens WLIC.

We are honoured to be hosted by the Vatican Library, 90 years after IFLA’s first conference in 1929.

The difficulty of LIS education in this time of rapid change is to anticipate future education needs and the IFLA Global Vision Project is a perfect forum where LIS practitioners and educators can meet internationally and globally to discuss and coordinate their efforts in transforming LIS education for digital inclusion, social inclusion and lifelong learning.

The IFLA Satellite will discuss traditional and emergent role in LIS profession, based on the White paper realized by BSLISE (Building Strong LIS Education) Working Group, focusing the conversation on diversity of skills and on teaching and learning research methods in LIS curriculum.